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      He took it from her, and noticing the rather incisive politeness of her tone, looked up at her. The furrow was still there, very impatiently ruled, but the clear glance was there also: radiantly it shone on him, quite undisturbed by the superficial agitation. It concerned not the surface of her, but the depths.

      My dear, he said, I am so glad you have let me come to you. You are in deep waters, poor girl.It isnt the act of a gentleman, he said. But theyve just told me that Im not one, or they would have elected me. They will like to know how right they are.

      Lord Inverbroom looked completely puzzled.

      [Pg 105]

      Norah brought him over the typed letter.

      "Why is that network we have just been looking at like a crow calling to his mates?"

      "I was fifteen years old when I pulled my first oar in a whale-boat; I was boat-steerer at eighteen, and second mate at twenty, and before I was twenty-one I had known what it was to be in the mouth of a sperm-whale. It is hardly necessary to say that I got out of it as fast as I could, and didn't stop to see if my hair was combed and my[Pg 62] shirt-collar buttoned. A man has no time to put on frills under such circumstances.


      "Your loving son,


      But its all so hopeless. Theres nothing left for me. All the things we planned together


      JAPANESE SILK-SHOP. JAPANESE SILK-SHOP.Frank was so full of joy that he couldn't speak for at least a couple of minutes. He threw his arms around Mr. Bassett; then he kissed his mother and his sister Mary, who had just come into the room; next he danced around the table on one foot; then he hugged his dog Nero, who wondered what it was all about; and he ended by again embracing his father, who stood smiling at the boy's delight. By this time Frank had recovered the use of his tongue, and was able to express his gratitude in words. When the excitement was ended, Mary asked what had happened to make Frank fly around so.